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تحميل مباشر لكتاب EXCEL FORMULAS BOOK

 تحميل مباشر لكتاب EXCEL FORMULAS BOOK 


الكتاب عبارة عن شرح مفصل لأهم الدوال المستخدمة فى اكسيل وهو شرح باللغة الانجليزية لأكثر من 90 دالة 

وشرح تفصيلى كما بالشكل

Table of contents فهرس العمل

1. SUM of Digits when cell Contains all Numbers

2. SUM of Digits when cell Contains Numbers and non Numbers both

3. A List is Unique or Not (Whether it has duplicates)

4. Count No. of Unique Values

5. Count No. of Unique Values Conditionally

6. Add Month to or Subtract Month from a Given Date

7. Add Year to or Subtract Year from a Given Date

8. Convert a Number to a Month Name

9. Converting Date to a Calendar Quarter

10. Converting Date to a Indian Financial Year Quarter

11. Calculate Age from Given Birthday

12. Number to Date Format Conversion

13. Number to Time Format Conversion

14. Count Cells Starting (or Ending) with a particular String

15. Count No. of Cells Having Numbers Only

16. Count No. of Cells which are containing only Characters

17. Number of Characters in a String without considering blanks

18. Number of times a character appears in a string

19. Count Non Numbers in a String

20. Count Numbers in a String

21. Count only Alphabets in a String

22. Most Frequently Occurring Value in a Range

23. COUNTIF on Filtered List

24. SUMIF on Filtered List .

25. Extract First Name from Full Name

26. Extract Last Name from Full Name

27. Extract the Initial of Middle Name

28. Extract Middle Name from Full Name

29. Remove Middle Name in Full Name

30. Extract Integer and Decimal Portion of a Number

31. First Day of the Month for a Given Date

32. How Many Mondays or any other Day of the Week between 2 Dates

33. Maximum Times a Particular Entry Appears Consecutively

34. Find the Next Week of the Day  


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